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Property Law & Conveyancing

Whether you’re looking for personal or business Property Law & Conveyancing legal advice, Laäs & Scholtz Attorneys are here to provide you with an affordable & professional service.

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aäs & Scholts Attorneys offer highly affordable and comprehensive Property Law & Conveyancing services. Our experienced lawyers, attorneys and conveyancers specialise in residential transfers, developments and affordable housing projects. Our company has been appointed as the conveyancing attorneys in many developments in the Western Cape. As a result of our sound reputation, we have been placed on the panels of all the major financial institutions for the purpose of registering their bonds and cancellation of bonds.

Transfer of Fixed Property

Transfer processing and drafting payment agreements.

General Conveyancing

Our offering includes the revision of purchase contracts and land transfers.

Bond Registrations and Cancellations

We’ll assist with the amendment, registration and cancellation of bonds.

Registration of Mortgage Bonds

We’ll assist with the amendment, registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds.

Opening of Township Register

Our conveyancers assist in the opening of your township register by ensuring that your general plan is filed at the deeds registry quickly and correctly and ensure all servitudes or restrictive conditions capable of cancellation are cancelled.

Property Development Facilitation & Management

Sales facilitation, commercial leases, property administration, management and development, as well as general property transactions.

Drafting of Sales Agreements

Draft sale contract pack and will respond to any questions raised by the buyer’s solicitor.

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Property Law & Conveyancing with L&S Law

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For more than two decades we have delivered outstanding property legal services.

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We offer highly affordable and comprehensive legal services, ensuring you get real value for money.

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Laäs & Scholts Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers are here to assist you with any and all property law & conveyancing matters.