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We pride ourselves in having a well-functioning litigation and legal collection’s department. Our corporate clients include local government, established companies, housing companies and various small and medium enterprises.

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Professional & affordable litigation services.

ur commercial litigation department prides itself as being a force to be reckoned within the legal fraternity, and a guiding hand through the legal systems and forums that dictates the conclusion of commercial disputes. From the enforcement of rights and duties of a contractual nature to the recovery of or compensation of damages from a business perspective, as well as lending sound legal advice throughout the litigation process, the L&S Law litigation team stands by their clients.

Liquidation & Sequestration

Get rid of debt while you keep on trading and keep your assets. Liquidation is an excellent tool in the restructuring process

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Litigation with L&S Law

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Ensuring your business is up to date with the latest in Tax regulations.

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L&S Law lawyers have the experience needed to ensure a fast turn around for all projects.

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We offer highly affordable and comprehensive legal services, ensuring you get real value for money.

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