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Labour Law & Relations

L&S Law attorneys endeavour to provide expert advice to help facilitate and resolve all employment-related disputes in an effective and commercially sensible manner.

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Our Labour and Employment Law team strives to give effect to the provision in our Constitution which provides for just and fair labour practices for all.

aäs & Scholtz is a team of professional labour consultants and attorneys that specialise in advising companies of any nature on all matters labour law related. We ensure that our clients adhere to all labour and employee-related regulatory compliances and effectively manage labour and employment issues to protect their own and their employees’ best interests.

Employment Contracts & Agreements

Our service covers terminations, non-disclosure clauses, non-compete and dispute resolution clauses.

Retrenchments & Dismissals

L&S Law assists with notice and assistance, severance pay and legal guidance regarding retrenchments & dismissals.

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Labour Law & Relations with L&S Law

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Laäs & Scholts Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers are here to assist you with any and all labour law matters.