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Family & Matrimonial Law

Our family and divorce law department offers nationwide expert advice and assistance in all aspects of divorce, separation and family law matters.

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Affordable and Comprehensive Family & Matrimonial Law services.

ew things in life are more important than family. L&S Law handles all legal matters relating to family and matrimony, applying the necessary sensitivity and diligence in all matters. We provide a wide range of services relating to the enforcement and protection of the individual’s rights in family and personal domestic relationships.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce contracts, maintenance payments agreements, asset division and debt sharing.

Antenuptial Agreements

Drafting antenuptial agreements, prenuptial agreements cohabitation and more.

Maintenance Matters

L&S Law child maintenance services include advice on how to apply for child maintenance, a reduction and the law on child maintenance.

Protection Orders

Family, criminal and supreme court orders of protection.

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Family & Matrimonial Law with Laäs & Scholtz Attorneys

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Laäs & Scholts Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers are here to assist you with any and all family and matrimonial matters.